Our commitments


Each enquiry receives an immediate, free quote.
At Vidal Associés, we guarantee high-quality translations, even for the most urgent requests.
The translations are sent to you by email (with encrypted data if necessary) or by post.

Quality and regulatory compliance

Since we specialise in the pharmaceutical industry, we are keenly aware of the issues relating to regulatory terminology, which could cause dossiers to be delayed. All translations are routinely proofread and corrected in-house by a second translator so that any necessary changes can be made.

Traceability and competitiveness

Thanks to the traceability system (translation memory specific to each client) at Vidal Associés, we ensure that your documents are consistent and show continuity, while optimising all costs you are invoiced.

Compliance with deadlines

We undertake to deliver our translations within the deadlines agreed when the order was placed. If we are unable to maintain our commitment, late penalties, defined jointly with the pharmaceutical company, may be applied to the overall quote.


All documents received by Vidal Associés are the subject of a strict confidentiality agreement. All of our company’s external resources are bound by a confidentiality agreement and by a services agreement.

A loyal client base

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Health communications & consulting

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