Managing your translation projects

External partners network

Our partners, professionals in the translation industry, undergo a rigorous selection process based on their skills and expertise.
They exclusively work into their mother tongue, have in-depth knowledge of their specialist area and constantly keep abreast of developments in their field.
In order to be listed in our database, translators need to meet a number of standard predefined criteria, i.e. they should have at least 5 years of experience in a specialised field, agree to have their work assessed by means of a test translation, and undertake to sign a confidentiality agreement and a services agreement.

In-house quality control

Rigorous quality control carried out routinely in-house by a second translator ensures that our translations meet the required quality standards (accuracy, style, consistency, no mistranslations, checking of figures), and allows us to validate the regulatory compliance of the terminology used (monitored by subscribing to various industry newsletters and mailing lists from the health authorities (EMA, Ansm, EDQM, FDA, and online subscription to the European Pharmacopoeia).

Our methodology

cf. standard process applied to each translation project.

Managing translation projects


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