Vidal Associés
Specialists in translation for the pharmaceutical industry

Years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector

Network of specialised professional translators

Clients who regularly place their trust in us

A differentiated positioning
Since its creation in 1998, Vidal Associés has exclusively focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Our great strength lies in this specialisation, which has enabled us to master the different regulatory and medical terminology used in any pharmaceutical company, as well as to face the obligations and issues of regulatory terminology, and thus to meet the expectations of pharmaceutical companies.

Vidal Associés exclusively operates as a translation agency (we do not provide interpreting services).

The strategy adopted by Vidal Associés is based on synergism between our external and in-house resources:

  • a professional, reliable and responsive translator network, with a consistent process to optimise and develop our outsourced expertise
  • compliance: ensuring that translations comply with regulatory requirements
  • quality control: rigorous in-house procedures routinely applied to the project management process
The goal of partnership between pharmaceutical companies and Vidal Associés
Market globalisation has led to a rationalised approach to selecting external suppliers. At the same time, companies are having to refocus on their core activity and expertise. By choosing Vidal Associés to manage your translation projects, you will be entrusting your work to a genuine partner rather than simply a translation service provider.
The globalisation process also demands greater transparency, high-quality information and faster turnaround. The role of translation is paramount since it is part of the authorisation process for medicinal products, corporate communication, commercial exchanges and contractual relations. The technical and linguistic quality of the written medium guarantees credibility, visibility and high performance.

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